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Transform your
living room into an art museum with AR.

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Turn your house into a museum in seconds.

Pick a painting.

Choose from countless renowned artworks, spanning various styles, artists, and topics.

Enjoy the masterpiece!

Appreciate a virtual version of the Mona Lisa (or any other painting) from your own living room!

Point your phone at the wall.

Find any well-lit wall in your house, and point your phone or tablet in that direction.

Ever wonder what the “Mona Lisa” would look like hanging on the wall of your apartment?

Bring masterpieces from some of the world’s top museums into your own home using the power of Augmented Reality (AR).

With [AR]T Museum, you can experience your favorite artworks from the comfort of your own home!

Featuring artworks from world-class collections like The Louvre, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art Institute of Chicago, LACMA, and many more!

"Free AR app lets you 'hang' famous paintings on your walls"

"Turn Your Living Room Into An Art
Museum With This iOS App"

Looking for inspiration, education, or entertainment?
[AR]T Museum virtually transports famous artworks from famous collections to your walls, so you enjoy the magic of museums in a completely new way.

Featuring artworks from museums around the world,
[AR]T Museum offers something for everyone.

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